2021 - in distribution

“Nostromo” is a feature documentary shot in the Northwestern Territories of Canada.

Synopsis: Arrived from France, Olivier lives like Robinson on an island lent to him by indigenous people, 200 km from Yellowknife, the only town in the Canadian Northwest Territories. Told through Olivier’s eyes, the film sketches a portrait of a life away from the madness of our modern world.

Directed by:     Fisnik Maxville
Written by:      Fisnik Maxville

Production:      Close Up Films
                 Flavia Zanon, Genève

Sales (int’l):   Impronta Films

Editing:         Kostas Makrinos
Music:           Nicolas Rabaeus
Cinematography:  Jules Guarneri

Running time:    81 minutes
Release date:    April 2021

Genre:           Documentary

  • 45° Mostra Saō Paulo 2021 - New Directors Competition
  • Visions du Réel 2021 - National Competition

  • Visions du Réel 2021 - Best Film (SRG/SSR Award)

Official poster

Screenshots with colour-grading (final).